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Dear LoHo Realty and Grand Street News:

            My husband, Marvin and I, are appreciative of Jacob Goldman because he helped us find and settle on our East River apartment three years ago, and we can think of no better place to be!  After meeting Jacob, I phoned my sister with the message: come quick!  Sure enough, she and my brother-in-law bought an East River apartment, too.  The Marcuses love their apartment, too.  Thanks to Jacob.

            Now the fledgling magazine, LoHo Realty’s Grand Street News, which is getting better by the issue, comes to us monthly, and hopefully our check will add to the publishing support of the neighborhood environment we all need to feel part of.  May we continue!  And grow!

            The ever-charging-and mostly improving-physically nature of LoHo is enhanced by the information offered in this publication and the well-written articles by “our own” neighbors give me a sense of the on-going human life-styles around East River.  It’s delightful to receive such insight into the patterns and beat of my surroundings, and my personal satisfaction with the apartment complexes, shops, streets and parks of LoHo is enhanced as well.

            Thank you and Jacob and all of the staff for this down-home effort.


            Corinne Barsky

563 Grand Street, NY NY 10002, 212 388.1115 TEL 212 388.1114 FAX 866 LOHOREALTY TEL info@lohorealty.com