What Is The Real Lower East Side?

Is it the Jewish enclave of synagogues, delis, Yiddish newspapers, and pickle vendors? Or the bustling Latino neighborhood where you can hear salsa music, smell arroz con pollo, and watch the old men of the Puerto Rican Schwinn Club ride their bicycles?

Is it Chinatown, with its open-air fish ands, earthy restaurants, and extravagant parades? Or is it the newest mecca for the hip and hip-aspiring, a place to check out the best indy films, shop for the hottest clothes and music, and hang with the in-crowd at bars and clubs.

Is it a quiet residential community with parks, schools, houses of worship, community centers, and supermarkets; with easy access to mass transit and major highways, yet removed from Manhattan’s sound and fury?

The Lower East Side is all of the above, and more.

It’s one of New York City’s oldest and most historic neighborhoods. Even by New York standards, it is a place of incredible diversity, where past meets present, numerous ethnic and religious groups exist side by side, and some of New York’s most vibrant nightlife is just a short walk from quiet streets and teeming playgrounds.

Check out the streets of the Lower East Side: Grand, East Broadway, Essex, Orchard, Rivington, Ludlow, Clinton. Whatever you desire can probably be found here—or close by. Aside from its proximity to trains, bus lines, bridges, and tunnels, the Lower East Side borders Manhattan and Brooklyn at the heart of the city.

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